Life & Entertainment

“Baby”, I’m sorry!

There are many people that have come and gone throughout my life. Many I’ve forgotten and couldn’t care less if I ever saw or heard from them again. However, there’s always that “one” or even a few that you think about from time to time and even miss a whole lot. Well for me, there’s […]

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Parent Sh*t

Pregnancy & Delivery

I had a safe and healthy pregnancy for the most part. However, that good old “morning sickness” that some women only experience for the first trimester..mmm nope, I experienced that shit for my ENTIRE pregnancy!! Yes, 24/7!! Throwing up every damn day. It was horrible. That nasty sour, orange regurgitation that came up in the […]

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Health & Fitness

Mental Health Day

Everybody deserves a mental health day. Especially here in the U.S. Hell, i think we’re the most stressed out motherfuckers on Earth. New Yorkers are the most stressed in the Universe LOL.  We don’t know how to chill the fuck out and relax. We get like one vacation week a year and as soon as […]

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