Mental Health Day

Everybody deserves a mental health day. Especially here in the U.S. Hell, i think we’re the most stressed out motherfuckers on Earth. New Yorkers are the most stressed in the Universe LOL.  We don’t know how to chill the fuck out and relax. We get like one vacation week a year and as soon as you have a baby, you’re expected to be back to work the following day. Do you how many days of vacation go unused in the US each year? All we are considered with is getting shit done! We never sleep, that’s why our health suffers. NY is the city that never sleeps..but to who’s expense? People losing their families and themselves…then you start taking pills and drugs, start drinking alcohol, start suffering with anxiety…we a hot ass mess! How do we cope with life? Yup, by using those things that I just mentioned. In other countries, once mom gives birth, she isn’t expected back to work at least for a year. Uh uh, oh hell no, not here, your ass better be back tomorrow at 9 am…oh you had a C-section, come back the following day with a note from your doctor LOL.  As for vacation, I was also informed that in other countries, people get months off…I mean you would think that’s common sense so we can be productive. But no, these corporations don’t care about you and me. And for those building their own businesses need to learn how to sleep too…nothing gets done if your sick in the hospital or worst yet, dead! Well being is important. My boyfriend is a perfect example of that shit. All he does is work, work, work. You would swear homeboy had 18 kids and was on child support. He acts like he can’t live off his base pay, each check MUST have OT (overtime) in it. I swear he’s a damn millionaire on the low! He has vacation weeks but would never take a full week. He would take a day here or there and many times, his days would carry over into the following year. He’s nuts. I yell at him all the time! Like sit your ass down! Put on a movie and watch it. Stay in bed all day! His response is, “I got shit to do” “shit gotta get done” “I gotta make this money”…dude relax, rest because you will fucking die! Straight up! And guess what? All you thought you had to do and all the shit that had to get done, is still here. Also, your job won’t disintegrate if you’re not around. Sorry boo, but you’ll be replaced in a heartbeat. Self care