“Baby”, I’m sorry!

There are many people that have come and gone throughout my life. Many I’ve forgotten and couldn’t care less if I ever saw or heard from them again. However, there’s always that “one” or even a few that you think about from time to time and even miss a whole lot. Well for me, there’s a particular person that I no longer communicate with but miss dearly. Her name is Jenna but I call her “baby” (she looks just like Baby from the movie Dirty Dancing). Not only does she cross my mind every so often, but my 7 old son still continues to ask about her. Not to mention those damn Instagram and Facebook “remember posts” that pop up. She’s has that much impact in my life. I’ll bite the dust, I’ll take the blame, and I’ll take the “L” for our non existent relationship. To be truthful, it’s technically all my fault! Real Talk.

I met that lovely woman back in 2011 during job training at Geico. I was a month pregnant and dealing with serious 24 hour sickness. We clicked immediately and she helped me through the days. I eventually left Geico after a short time but she and I remained in contact and built a friendship. She came to my baby shower and came to see my new born baby, all the while, we grew close. We hung out and drowned each other with our problems lol. We laughed and cried together. She was there for me and was involved in my son’s life. However, throughout all of that, I had a bad tendency to go ”MIA” (missing in action) and silent when I’m going through things. When friends are trying to reach out and help me through the process, I don’t respond, I go into my own little world and cut off communication. All the while, never realizing that pushing the ones that care, away, hurts their feelings as well. With her, I’ve done that one too many times. She eventually gave up on me and moved on with her life. I’ve missed some big moments that I would of loved to be apart of, like her engagement, wedding and the purchase of her new home. I check on her from afar, smiling for her in her happiest moments knowing how far she’s come. She’s an amazing person to have in your life and I blew it. I accept our conclusion and through it all, I continue to wish her the ultimate best! 



but to her, I’m Meeks. 

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