Pregnancy & Delivery

I had a safe and healthy pregnancy for the most part. However, that good old “morning sickness” that some women only experience for the first trimester..mmm nope, I experienced that shit for my ENTIRE pregnancy!! Yes, 24/7!! Throwing up every damn day. It was horrible. That nasty sour, orange regurgitation that came up in the mornings while brushing my teeth…the food that sat on my chest…the rancid smell of everything…the constant nausea….the constant spitting… uggghhh. With all the throwing up, I’m surprised my teeth didn’t disintegrate and fall out LOL. The only things that little boy would let me tolerate were ice water and slushies. I couldn’t even drink water out of a plastic bottle. The water had to be in a glass. My senses were so sensitive. In the dead of winter, I had to drive with the window open. I had to keep a cup in the car just to spit. My job was only 15 minutes from home but I had to get up 2 hours early just to take my time because of the nausea.  I don’t know how I made it through this pregnancy! They say you forget all the bad and pain once you give birth. BULLSHIT! That experience is still fresh in my head 7 years later and it plays a huge part in my decision of not having another child. SERIOUSLY! The upside to the constant sickness was, I didn’t put on excessive weight. Only how much he weighed and the water sack LOL. I didn’t have to buy maternity clothing. I was able to fit into jeans that I can’t even fit into now. Once I had my son, I snapped back instantly. When I went back for my 6 week appointment I weighed 127. Shit, I weigh 142 now and I work out, WTF! My son was healthy though. He took all my weight. He weighed 8 lbs 4 oz, solid, dense and hefty. His nickname is Sumo like Sumo Wrestler LMAO. I went right up until 41 weeks. I was due May 24 but he came May 31. Labor was 33 frigging hours..33!!!!! I swear I was in and out of consciousness with pain. My doctor/midwife/Doula Diane Lucks, thank God for her, was so patient with me. Never pushed me to have a C-section. She made it very clear that it would only be an option if my baby was in jeopardy. Did you know due to insurance purposes, once you’re in labor for a certain amount of hours, the doctors would suggest a C-section? My first doctor, was very pushy about me having a C-section. He mentioned my size and if I was in labor for a certain amount of hours. Not once did he say  “if baby isn’t doing well”. I switched doctors immediately. My spirit didn’t sit right with him. Ladies, don’t feel pressured. Ask questions. It’s your life, your body and your baby!

Back to my delivery.

So my water broke and immediately the contractions began…I swore I saw stars. The pain caused me to hold my breath and I was given an oxygen mask. The nurse said don’t hold your breath sweetie, baby needs oxygen. That’s all she had to tell me. I breathed through those contractions. I dilated pretty quickly but got to 7 centimeters and remained there for hours. Diane constantly checked on me and my baby and said she would be in the room next door sleeping and nurses will let her know when I was ready. She didn’t rush me at all. Ooooo but that pain was insane and intense. They called in the anesthesiologist to administer an epidural and that shit did NOT work. I repeat, it did NOT work! That man kept coming in to push that button and I said you must have water in that IV because I am still feeling every fucking thing. No matter how bad the pain got, I didn’t give in to a C-section. No way in hell was I going to end up with an unnecessary scar. My body is capable. Then boom, around 3:30 am I was fully dilated. I heard Diane in the midst of my unconsciousness saying, “baby is ready, time to push”. 3:37 am my son was born. Healthy, nice and plump and he urinated all over Diane. We all laughed because at all my prenatal appointments his bladder was always empty.

I wrote up a wonderful review about Diane and apparently it was read by many of the staff because when I went to see her for my checkup she thanked me for my words. She also said fellow staff members were making fun of her in a joking way. Ladies, make sure you are 100% comfortable with the care that you are receiving. You may not have all the knowledge of be privy to what doctors know but your inner self/voice can always give you indication to second guess someone. Ask questions, go for a 2nd opinion, inquire with other moms, research. Keep a clear head an open mind and never be rushed or forced into a decision based on fear. My son’s grandmother watched her youngest daughter go through a C-section and watched me give birth and she said after witnessing both events, she felt that they rushed her daughter and the C-section wasn’t necessary. Each pregnancy is different and so is every doctor.