Life & Entertainment


This thing called carnival is part of my culture. It’s a time where people come together from all creed and race. It’s a time of celebration. It’s filled with bright beautiful mas costumes intertwined with vibrant colors. The saying, “carnival is color, carnival is mas” by soca artist Ronnie McIntosh, is the perfect example of […]

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Health & Fitness

My Fitness Journey

I’ve never had any health issues or weight problems but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be interested in learning how to maintain good health and weight. Every so often I would get back into my fitness routine and then fall off again. But this time around, I’m actually looking to stick with it and make […]

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Parent Sh*t


See when it comes to raising a child or children, both parents have to be on the same page. The child must not sense or know that they can play both sides. For example, mommy says no but daddy turns around and says yes. That’s a no no and can cause friction within the household. […]

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