See when it comes to raising a child or children, both parents have to be on the same page. The child must not sense or know that they can play both sides. For example, mommy says no but daddy turns around and says yes. That’s a no no and can cause friction within the household. Both parents have to stand firm in order for the younging to learn his/her lesson. Mommy can’t say, “because of bad behavior, no company or sleepover this weekend” and then daddy says, “okay, I’ll buy you a Game Stop card to play Fortnite”. SMH!!!!

That’s the issue that we’re having now with our 7 year old. I flat out think his dad spoils his ass rotten. It’s annoying. My son practically says him and his dad are a team. He doesn’t like me because I’m mean. I just stand firm. I have no problem putting my foot down and flat out saying, NO! The little rugrat knows not to ask me for shit when he misbehaves or gives me a hard time to complete homework. His dad on the other hand has all the bark but no bite. Even I roll my damn eyes in the corner when he call himself yelling at our son because I know in five minutes he will be trying to make nice with him. I make it very clear that I’m not here to be my child’s friend. I’m here to raise him into a man with good character, integrity, morals and ethics. His father on the other hand got the boy feeling entitled to every damn thing. 

My son and I barely get along. We go at it all the time. This little boy is so hard headed and he thinks everything is a joke. I have to tell him to do something over and over again. He always has an answer for everything, he always got to talk back. If I call him, he got the nerve to say wait a second…Like who the hell this lil rugrat think he’s talking to? I’m not raising him this way. I’m always correcting him. I don’t tolerate his bullshit but he’s always trying me. It’s so draining. What’s frustrating is, he’s so intelligent and he knows right from wrong. Where did this whole defiant behavior come from? 

Y’all don’t know how close I be, to giving up my parental rights. I ask him if he would like to have another family or another mommy because he just loves to drive me crazy. He says he loves me and doesn’t want another mommy. So why are we constantly going at it? Why can’t you just do what mommy say and not talk back? Parenting is so hard. You’re up against an ever changing personality. These little people go through all kinds of moods and phases. I tip my hat off to parents with multiple children. I can’t even fathom the thought of having another child. I still can’t wrap my head around the one I have now. After 7 years, I’m still adjusting. Somebody give me a frigging instruction manual. I wasn’t like this as a kid so I can’t comprehend his behavior. Why can’t he just be like me? I didn’t want to hear my “mother’s mouth” (trini slang) or get yelled at, so I just did the right thing. No one had to tell me to do my homework, I just wanted to get it over with, so I just did it. I wasn’t hard headed, I didn’t talk back. I didn’t want to get smacked in the mouth. I just avoided that behavior because I understood the consequences. Did I really birth this kid? Is he mine? Lord, help me. 

This boy has everything that he could want (daddy fault) and need but he’s always saying I’m being mean to him. I try to explain (why the hell am I even explaining myself to a child as my mom would say) to him what his place is as a child. I don’t want him to hate me but I want to remain firm. I’m trying to figure out ways to show him how fortunate he has it. All the while teaching him lessons. I try to take away the iPad, the PS4 controller and hide the Game Stop cards but daddy always give them back. WTF…Yall, bare with me. Mommas and poppas, please help me out here?