My Fitness Journey

I’ve never had any health issues or weight problems but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be interested in learning how to maintain good health and weight. Every so often I would get back into my fitness routine and then fall off again. But this time around, I’m actually looking to stick with it and make it my lifestyle.  

I’m 35 now and I’ve noticed that my usual workouts aren’t dropping the lil extra weight as fast as it did back in the day.  I never touched weights while working out. I only did cardio “HIIT” workouts, which gave great results. But now, the results aren’t happening as fast. So, I had to try new things..I incorporated the dreaded weights. Guess what, my results are happening again.  Of course I try to eat clean too. 

Fortunately for me, I’m not a snack, cake and candy person. I just love food LOL. My portions are out of control. But you won’t catch me going into the pantry stealing chips or opening up the freezer for ice cream. But I do love Pepsi and fruits…😔

Anyway, back to my workouts…I’ve been using a kettlebell and resistance bands. Getting used to the technique. I actually like the way I feel afterwards. But I wish I had a Nutritionist and a Fitness Trainer as a friend. I’m disciplined and ready to put in work. So I know I would achieve the maximum results. Unfortunately, I don’t have any such friends so I have to do this shit on my own. Which means a lot of trial and error. I’m willing to put in the work though.

Environmental factors and genes play a huge part with health.  You can eat as clean as you want and workout everyday and still end up with cancer. But in the meantime, do your part in trying to ward sickness off. I rather pay a pretty penny for good food and training then paying for medication.

Follow along as I continue my fitness journey and please feel free to put in your input and tips. I’m open to knowledge.